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The future of communications is now. Traditional email has problems ranging from reliability to just too much spam. LiteNote (RSL), a cryptocurrency with support for built in email-like messaging, solves all these problems.

Using our new model, spam can be stopped just by ignoring it. Sending a message costs a small amount of LiteNote, and you get LiteNote whenever you receive a message. If you do not reply to spammers, they will eventually run out of LiteNote and be unable to send more spam.

Read our whitepaper.

Important Information: Attempts have been made to circulate fake LiteNote binaries. THIS IS THE ONLY SAFE PLACE TO DOWNLOAD LITENOTE. If your download contains a “litenote-qt.exe” or any DLL files it is FAKE! You should reinstall Windows if you have run that binary.

Technical Information

List of LiteNote Improvement Proposals (LIP)

Download the LiteNote Client

Available for 64-bit Windows and Linux. Supports macOS via WineBottler.

An important update has been released that implements LIP-002. Learn More.

The LiteNote GUI

You probably want to use the LiteNote GUI.

Latest Version:

The LiteNote Core

This doesn’t include the messaging features yet.

The Source Code

The LiteNote CLI Build System is the recommended way of building LiteNote Core.

Statistics and Information

Blockchain Explorer. If that link doesn’t work, try this.

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Earn it

You can earn LiteNote by sharing it with your friends on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. More information.


You can buy LiteNote here: Purchase LiteNote.

Only Bitcoin is accepted.


It’s possible to mine LiteNote from the client. Just click on the “Mining” menu and then select “Start Mining.”

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